Dr. Wendy McCulloch graduated from the University of Florida in 2004, and completed a rotating surgery and medicine internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York City in 2005. While practicing General Veterinary Medicine at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, she established and ran a house call practice. She is now based in New York City offering end of life services (Pet Requiem) and routine in-home veterinary care for the city’s beloved cats and dogs. Pet Requiem and Home Vets NYC were both established in 2009.


Dr. McCulloch feels that it is important for owners to have the option of pet euthanasia in the stress free environment of their own home.

"Allowing pets to remain in their comfort zone when they are unwell and stressed."

"Enhancing the

human-animal bond."

"Last moments should be comfortable and surrounded by those you love."

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